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Does Champion Storage provide a lock for the

storage space? Does anyone else have a key?

You will need purchase a new, sealed lock at your local store. No one at the storage facility will have a key to that lock.

You provide the lock ensuring you and only you have access.


How do I pay my monthly bill?

At Champion Storage we give you several options to make your monthly payment. You can simply mail a check or money order to 215 Corporate Drive, Granbury, TX  76049 by the first of every month. Or as always, you can go by the storage office location to pay your bill 24 hours a day using the drop box located on the front door.


Am I renting the space month-to-month or am I on a lease?

This is up to you.  Champion Storage offers a month to month lease however, you may contact the Property Manager with any special needs.   

Do I get a discount if I commit to a longer stay?

Contact your Property Manager for our Long Term Discounts.


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